Saturday, March 1, 2008

Road Trip to Vegas?

What happened in Vegas? While watching the morning news, I heard
about what happened in Vegas. Or at least, what is said that
happened in Vegas with the needles and syringes.

Doesn't that put a new meaning on their slogan of "What happens in
Vegas, stays in Vegas"? How many folks are out there worrying? How
many folks around the country are worrying? How many folks around
here are worrying?

What, with all the local grown men who go out there and compete from
time to time in their various sports. Sports like gambling, golf,
senior softball, one arm pulling, card guessing, cue stick pushing
and the like. Although, I never really hear much of any results from
our local boys. Guess they've been busy trying to keep Vegas in Vegas.

Miz Vul, so very relieved to finally hear from you again. I was
plumb tuckered out from worry that you had up and left me all alone
on the porch. Even if daddy always said I could talk to the wall. I
can talk to the wall, and sometimes I catch myself talking to
myself. Makes for a right good conversation. Ah, there I go- off in
my own planet again.

You and Miss Faye been out on another one of your jaunts? Out to,
oh, let's say, Vegas?

I've been busy just keeping on the straight and narrow. I haven't
been anywhere, seen anybody, done anything. That's my story- and
I'm sticking to it.

Ya'll keep safe, ya hear?

Miss Etta

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