Sunday, March 2, 2008

I just love a good conspiracy...

What burns me about this fat police thing is that the goverment intrusion is done by so-called Republicans. You know, the less government types. In their defense though, trying to say no to something like that is like being between the rock and hard place so often referred to.

I think it's all just sneaky ways of getting the goverment into our lives.

Can you just hear all these double-speaking do-gooders? "But it's good for our children" "We can't let these poor little boogers keep getting fatter and fatter and having heart attacks at young ages" "Don't you care about our dear children?"

I heard that we rank somewhere along the bottom of the totem pole in being fat here in Georgia. I guess it's all that finger-lickin' chicken and fat-back laden green beans. Ooooh, dump a pile of lumpy mash taters and greasy gravy and I'm in food heaven. Ummm, biscuits with gobs of butter, pour a good dose of syrup on top and oh lord I'm gaining weight with a smile on my face.

Well, I think we should start a movement to make all of our tubby senators and representatives measure up the same way they're making our kiddos measure up.

What's good for the goose is certainly good for the gander. I guess today is my day for re-using old cliches gals!

Back to the conspiracy. I do think they keep sneaking all these little bills in and pretty soon they'll control every nit picky little thing we do. We're losing our freedoms and we are smiling as it's happening because it's all in the name of nice.

Well. I started my morning with a smile and I'm ending it with a humph. I am just fed up with these folks at our state capitol. You know, they stick something like the measuring of fat onto the schools then they take way money for sports and the arts and all the extra programs that keep our kids moving instead of sitting. I wonder how much money it's going to cost the schools to try and keep up with kids weight? The state is cutting back on the funds that put nurses in schools, too. So who's going to weigh the kids? The PE teacher? Instead of having our children out playing kick ball (which nobody can play anymore because it's too physical) we'll have them standing in line waiting to be weighed.

And Miz Vul, I'm with you on the conspiracy of therapists. You know they have a huge lobby just like regular doctors. I bet there were a bunch of lobbyists lining up to push this one through in the name of "health".

Well, before I get too much more worked up and hurt my own health I'm going to stop typing and hit the send button to our journal. I am so stressed out about this I think I am going to have to fix a big bowl of ice cream with chocolate syrup and whipped cream. To each her own way of de-stressing. Mine stresses the seams of my jeans.

Miss Faye

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