Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Knee Slapping Times

Do tell! Do tell!

I'm right there with ya on the press conference scene if that had
been my Mister. Why, I'm not even sure I would have said he was even
in the hospital. Nope. I got big brothers. And I've got a slew of
'em. Nuff said.

Oh, the sheer madness and insanity of it all. How is that people
think they are above the law? How is that politicians seem not to
understand the law and what happens WHEN they get caught with THEIR
hands in the cookie jar? How is that a candidate can have 20 year
ties with someone as a mentor and not agree with them? Come on.
Hey, I've got some land for sale. And, I know widows in East Bumble.

Oh, better watch out for those noses-- they're gonna grow by miles,
not just inches.

Didcha enjoy St. Paddy's Day? We had to have our traditional meal
yesterday. What, with me being Irish and all. My mouth was just
salivating and I was having to lick my chops as I prepared the
standard corn beef, coddles and soda bread. I could have eaten it
all day. Wait-- maybe I did.

Although, I have to tell ya that I draw the line at green eggs. I
tried to eat them once when I was in Savannah for the big day. Just
couldn't do it. No sir. Just couldn't put molded eggs in my mouth.
Green grits? As long as they are the right shade of green, I'll
gobble them down. Just gotta watch out for when they are kinda black
and green.

You ladies ever go to Savannah for the big day? Ah, I used to love
it there. All the excitement. All the people. All the green beer.
All the waiting in line for bladder relief. Guess they should have
had those senior adult type unmentionables. Bet they would sell
right well down there. Better than finding a secluded spot. Not
that I'm saying I ever did....

All this talk of green is making my mouth water. Better go find some
fresh mint for my juice. Aren't you glad the weather is warming up
now? Soon, my little plot of mint will be prospering and ready to
pop into my juice. Do you prefer the spearmint or the peppermint for
your julep juice?

Whatcha making for Easter? Think I'll have some Sunday Bourban
Taters on my menu. And maybe a triple strawberry cake. Some fresh
soda bread with blue cheese butter. A little julep juice..... Ah--

Miss Etta

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