Thursday, September 25, 2008

Whose Money Pays for Trash in Peachtree City?

Miz Vul,

After your last outburst on trashy talk in Peachtree City, I decided I had to get my little ole fingers on the document you discussed. I'm a mite riled up now, too.

Whose money are they talking about here? Who is going to have to pay more for mandatory recycling and the privilege of having no choice? Umm, let's see. Umm. The author of the letter suggests he knows we have a choice and we would like to keep our choices. Ummm. Best that he remember that come election time here in these parts.

I'm so upset, I've got to take some time now and fan myself while I look for all those kindly neighbors who supposedly have their trash everywhere. Hmmmm. Don't see any on my daily treks through town. Hmmm. Actually, what I DO see are ordinary citizens who are runners picking up trash on the golf cart paths. Yep, I see volunteers take on that task. Yep, I think those guys are great.

And nope, I don't think we need our local elected folk telling me who I can pay my hard earned money to in order to pay for the city's wants and its proposed fee structure. Oh, and by the way, I do recycle and it's not going into our local landfill. And guess what--- my trash company doesn't know that. How much more are they missing?

Best go walk on our alleged trashy streets some more before I forget I am a southern lady. You've succeeded in getting me off of my own front porch in this mission.

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