Friday, September 26, 2008

Give Me a Break, Foreign Policy Experience??

It's been such a delightfully cool series of early mornings that I've had to put off sitting on the front porch while I wait for my julep sisters to show up. So, I've been sitting inside watching some TV. I know, it's something I rarely do, but I've become interested in the upcoming elections.

Just now, while I was ironing-- two things happened which made me say, "Give me a break."

First of all, my iron decided that smoke was a good thing. It must have thought so as it started beeping at me, and smoking like there was no tomorrow. Of course, it also decided to burn the white shirt I was trying to smooth out. Arrgg! Guess I'm gonna run out to the local stores now to look at new wrinkle reducing appliances.

The second main event of the morning is where one of the ladies on a morning talk show said that Obama has foreign policy experience as he just met some of the foreign officials this week. Give me a break! And then she said that since Sarah Palin didn't meet them, she has none! Give me a break!

Who is running for the President's spot? I guess I should since I, too, have foreign policy experience. It appears I have as much or more than Obama, according to the talk show host definition this morning. Yep, I've been to several countries for high tech meetings and been wined and dined. And I'm here to tell ya, they didn't serve me any juleps. Give me a break! Meeting a foreign person or leader does not qualify one as having "foreign policy experience."

Gotta fix another cup of morning juice. Perhaps that will settle my tummy down. Oh, the nerve of it all. Give me a break. Sounds like another feeble attempt to make one candidate look better than someone he is not running against, at least head to head. Are his supporters that scared?

The now smokin' Missy Georgia

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