Wednesday, September 3, 2008

On Democrats, Protesters, Sarah Palin, Fred Thompson and Joe Lieberman

Miz Vul and Miss Etta, have you girls been payin' attention to what those horrible, low-down, nasty demonstrators have been doing at the Republican Convention? Now you didn't see anybody destroying property and throwing chemicals on people at the Democratic Convention, did you?

Republicans have class. Democrats seem to have thrown principles down the drain if you're looking at those demonstrators as indicators of their nature. I have heard from reliable sources that these hooligans are paid operators and they have no earthly idea why they are out there being criminals.

What in the world makes people so stupid as to think that breaking glass windows of stores and hurting people is going to make anyone want to be part of their cause? I have no problem at all with protesting in a manner that gets your message across. After all, we are a nation built on protests to some degree. And who could ever forget all the tea being thrown in the Boston harbor? Well, I suppose that was destroying personal property so maybe that is not the best example to consider.

And, I do suppose much of what happened in our early days was violent. Oh my, I seem to have talked myself into a corner, haven't I?

Well, no matter, this is not the beginning of a country. We have a wonderful country which allows freedom of speech. But we have rules and we have evolved beyond the animal state of throwing tantrums in order to make a point.

Did you hear they threw bleach on some poor 85-year old woman? What in the world did that woman ever do to them? I hope these low-lifes are put in jail for a long time, although with these liberal judges we have these days they will probably get off with less than a slap on the wrist.

And Sarah Palin? Oh, they are being so cruel. How ever, it seems that their nastiness is backfiring on them if I am reading the tea leaves correctly. I talked with an ardent Obama supporter this morning who told me she was going to vote for the Sarah Palin ticket! She did NOT like what was being done to Sarah and she was so proud a woman was on the ticket. We had ourselves a nice long conversation.

I am excited about Sarah Palin and what she will bring to the table. I have read many of the nasty blogs and they are so scared of her it is not even funny. Well, nothing they are doing in regards to her is funny in the least bit. I can't remember ever seeing the left side running around in such a dither in my years on this earth! Hooo boy is this ever going to be fun tonight watching Sarah Palin giving them what for!

Oh, and I can not leave this blog without mentioning the talk by Fred Thompson and Lieberman last night. If Fred Thompson had ever been able to talk like that during his campaign for President there would be a different ticket today I think! I wasn't "for" him when he ran, but I do think he's a decent man.

What do you think about having another Democrat talking to the Republican Convention? If you'll remember our very own Miller was the first I do believe. I can not ever remember another Democrat talking at a Republican Convention but that doesn't mean it hasn't happened before! Have you ever heard of a Republican crossing over and talking at a Democratic Convention? I think he or she would be booed off the stage.

Well ladies, I have to get back to doing what I do when I'm doing it so I will leave you and get back to it. Have a delightful day and I hope to talk with you soon about all the goings on in Fayette County and beyond our little world!

Your friend,
Miss Faye

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