Monday, September 29, 2008

No Trash, Just the Gas Please

My, My, missy, you've gone and gotten yourself all worked up. Be careful it doesn't mess with your delicate constitution and all. I just worry about your health and all. Don't get yourself all riled up because of the trashy people. And I'm here to tell ya, I haven't seen them yet.

My friends, I had to leave the porch with its delightful cool morning breeze to go for gasoline. Gotta tell ya, I just love Kroger. Not only did they have gasoline in Peachtree City this morning, I waited all of 2 minutes, maybe, to get my gas. The guys are out there directing traffic, and they are pleasant, and they've got gas. The gentleman I spoke with told me that Kroger wasn't going to try and raise the prices to the higher level of the others in town. He also said that gas wasn't such an issue in northern suburbs of Atlanta. He also said he would run out soon, but he has been pretty lucky about getting it in on a fairly regular basis. Now, don't that beat all?

I don't know what this man's title was, but in my book, his customer service skills and those of all the guys working at the fuel center today, were exceptional.

Oh, and on my way out, I passed one of those other places who have been keeping their gas prices high, and guess what. They had gas, but no customers. Guess the paying public only goes there when they have to get gas or suffer the consequences. Go figure.

Miss Etta

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