Sunday, April 6, 2008

Pollen Clouds and Yalla Cars

O Friends of mine,

Been enjoying the scenery? Riding around under all the Cherry Trees
and Dogwood Trees while they are in full bloom just makes me bloom.
Why, I sometimes just have to stop the car and cast adoring looks to
the trees. I love it. I praise God evvveeeerrrry time I see the
splendor of the blossoms. It's beautiful, it's... ahhhhh choooooo.

When I was growing up, my mama always insisted to having a light or
yalla car. I found the color boring until the spring time. At that
time, when the pollen was out and about in all its glory, we had a
car that looked clean. Yep, the pollen didn't even bother the color
of the car. We used to just laugh and laugh at all the people who
had those screaming yalla embossed cars.

Of course, having a white or yalla car is a good thing when you
happen to live in kaolin country. All that white chalk dust blowing
around. Gets on everything. Kaolin or "white gold" settles on
everything all year around. Dark cars and kaolin mines just don't go
hand in hand. You gals know much about white gold? I have some in my
garage from the last time I went down to kaolin country and took the
kids to see a bonafide kaolin mine. We went right on down into one of
them and had the owner of the land tell us about the operation.

Speaking of swirling clouds, when I was driving home on Friday, I got
caught up in a pollen cloud. It was downright eerie. Everything was
yalla and swirling around. We rolled up the windows to the car cause
I didn't want it in the car. It was like we had on yalla
sunglasses. And then the rains came. Thank you!!! I can't wait to
get back out today and see how all the blossoms look today. I bet
they are holding their little petals up high now that they had a
really good bath. You know, after it rains, I swear I can see the
trees, flowers and all things green stand up tall and thank the
Creator. How 'bout you?

Till later,
Miss Etta

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