Thursday, April 17, 2008

From My Recipe Book

This morning, girls, I've got recipes on my mind. Here's what we're
having for supper:

l. Take an onion, peel the sucker, and cut it in half. Place the 2
halves in the bottom of that crockpot you finally washed.
2. Go post yet another sticky note to yourself to buy one of those
newer crockpots that can be washed in the dishwasher. Sigh and get
over the fact that lucky you just happened to get the one well-built
crockpot that, like some rumors, is just never gonna' die.
3. Place a pork roast on top of the onion halves, add a little bit of
water, put the lid on the crockpot, plug it in, turn it on low, and go
about your business.
4. When you're ready to eat, take the roast out and pull it apart with
a coupla forks, kinda' like you're shredding it, dontcha know. Serve
with your favorite barbecue sauce and a side of waldorf salad.

Preparation time: 4.12 minutes - and that includes the sticky note step.


I've also been thinking of late about a recipe for apologies:

1. Say what you're sorry for, then hush. Zip it. Be quiet.
2. Make sure your apology does NOT contain the word "but". "But" is an
eraser that eliminates everything before it, and once you stick that
little ole' bitty word into an apology, you go from apologizing to
defending your position. Not the same thing. Not at all.
3. When eating crow, remember that it goes down better with a heapin'
helpin' of sincerity. Apologize sincerely then get on with it and try
your deadlevel best to not have to repeat that particular apology.

That's what I'm thinking about this morning, girlfriends. Hope y'all
are doing swell and not sneezing too much.

Miz Vul

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