Monday, July 6, 2009

Will the King's Horses and Men Let Humpty Dumpty Fall Now?

Is the shell of Humpty Dumpty starting to crack? Will his yessirthankyouverymuchmayIhave anothersir men start to let it?

There's plenty of talk surfacing, even from the Joe Biden that the we'regonnacreatjobsintheemergencygottahaveitstimulusplan is failing and that Americans are being scammed. There's talk from Colin Powell saying the president needs to slow down and look at the red tape and costs of his plans. There's talk of moderate Dems getting antsy over their increasing lack of appeal from their voters. There's talk of the president's popularity falling down.

Are some people starting to wake up and realize that the inexperience of Humpty Dumpty could lead to a fall? Will his men and horses attempt to put it back together or will they start to stand for Americans, you know, the ones who voted for them?

Just wondering, my friends.

Ms. Georgie

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