Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Whoo hoo, Mint Juleps are on the menu...

I love it when those who supposedly know everything tell us things I want to hear and believe. Miss Etta, your little vignette saying two alcoholic drinks a day can stave off dementia are in that 'want to and will" believe category. Please, please do not ever tell me that they have decided differently as they are wont to do.

Only two a day though? Well, that is a lady-like amount I do suppose, so I will constrain myself as my Mama would expect.

I have been reading back over some of the doings and goings-on that have been happening on the front porch while I traipse off all over the world. I do so miss rambling with you ladies.

What interesting and very sad times we are living in. Who would have ever thought that our America would so quickly go away?

When I was growing up I didn't pay a whole lot of attention to what they were doing at our Capital. I was off flitting about, being led by my nose at times into believing some mess that was the craze all the while thinking I was being independent and bucking the system.

If it was establishment I was against it.

What I didn't realize is how I was being herded by the media, by those very people I was thinking I was rebelling against. Although, the word rebellion never crossed my mind!

How easily our youth are led. They go to college and are surrounded by a certain mind-set and they swallow it hook, line and sinker. They think they're different, they think they're going to make the world a better place. Instead their sponge-like minds are being saturated with things that ultimately hurt the very thing they think they're fighting for.

Those who are truly individuals, who are truly strong, aren't sucked into the latest campus fads, into voting like their friends, into doing what the herd is doing.

If only they could stand above the fray, somehow move above what the crowd is doing (all being independent! ha) and see what they're really doing. Impossible I suppose.

They think they're working for a better future. They are being spoon-fed crap in strawberry jelly and they think it's good. Some day, some day, they will reap the crop they're sowing and they will look back, as I look back, and see just how stupid they were. They will see that they truly weren't independent. They will see that they just followed the herd.

There are some who buck the crowd, who choose their own path. I think those are the ones who may save the country. Either that or they'll find Galt's Gulch and build their own utopia, away from the masses who have their hands out, who think they're "owed" something.

Well, my ladies, I think it's time to stop this tirade. I am so frustrated and feel so helpless about all I see happening. I want the entire country to show up at the next Tea Party!

Missing you greatly,
The long-lost Miss Faye

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