Monday, July 13, 2009

Want Some More Juice in Your Life?

Ah, my front porch was a might wet this morning. Lots of rain and thunder overnight was in our area. So, after I had to retreat back inside for a towel, I saw a couple of news stories that had me ready for our daily porch swing amblings.

First, I am pleased to announce that official studies now support our little daily use of julep juice. Yeppers, that's right. The study says that older people appear to benefit from one or two alcoholic drinks per day. Seems it's supposed to help keep dementia away. Now they also said we couldn't have more than that, or our chances would increase. I know I'm not that old, but I'm in training to get there.

The other story which caught my eye was one on an interactive exhibition over in Germany that, well, (how does one put it gently?) allows one to touch mannequins in order to learn to please behind closed doors. Can you imagine? Do they have a mannequin that says it has a headache, too? Or one that is too tired? They do have one to measure spanking and other various assorted, well, I can't even say it without blushing.

I best go load up on some morning julep juice to calm down the blush in my face! And you just thought it was the mint in the julep that made me blush!

Miss Etta

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