Friday, May 1, 2009

Better Cry "Wolf", Er," Swine"

Have you been taking anytime to watch the newscasters wring their hands in glee as they use scare tactics on us? Why, I never!

That's right. I've never seen such a case of crying wolf, er, swine in my life. Is the world going to end on this influx of mild influenza? Oh my, it's a pandemic! Beware!

So, wash your hands. So, don't intentionally scare the generic population who blindly follow the talking heads. Oh, the horror of it all.

And here in Georgia, why, we had to go and import someone so we could be in on all the fun of being in the news our own selves. After there have been over 100 cases so far in a country with millions of people and one Mexican has died on American soil.

Will the spread continue? I 'spect so, but I will wash my hands often and then wash my parched throat with another swig of julep juice. After all, it seems to cure most of my ills.

Ms. Georgie

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