Monday, January 12, 2009

Don't You Be Talking About Me

Ever feel like you've been out of touch? Time has just zooming by and I've just realized I haven't had a good ole sit down and gossip session with my friends. I haven't meant to ignore you. I've just been preoccupied.

Preoccupied with being sick and preoccupied with moaning about the loss of my love. Yep, his birthday was just the other day and I know he would have fallen all over his blue suede shoes in love with me if he had just ever had the chance.

Been way too cold to sit on the porch and rock, so I guess we'll have to come back inside and make a special effort to stay in touch, and not just holler down the road.

Gotta go, my love is crooning "Are you lonesome tonight...."

Miss Etta P

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