Sunday, August 31, 2008

Miz Vul, You ever watch them talking heads?

I've been listening to those so-called talking heads yakking on television about Sarah Palin. They need to get their heads out from where the sun don't shine! They're scurrying around trying to find some trash to talk about her just hoping to dampen the enthusiasm. Wooo boy are they having a hard time! They're runnin' scared and it is so clear that's what they're doing. I know they're supposed to be impartial, but did you hear how they were yelling and whooping it up when ol' Obama was talking at his coming out party? So much for journalistic integrity, huh?

You can tell they're in a dither! Can't you just see them with their heads together yelling at each other, saying "that's not going to work", "you can't do that", "do you know what would happen if we did THAT?".

Oh, I'm loving it. Sooner or later they'll get their act together and come up with some tidbit they can blow all out of proportion but lordy, they are a panicking right now!

McCain set them right on their little tails and got 'em spinning. Ya gotta love it and ya gotta love Sarah Palin. I don't know what a mooseburger tastes like and likely I never will, but any woman who can shoot a moose to make one can sure handle whatever this old world might toss at her.

Who can take down super woman? Not old man Biden, that's for sure.

Miss Faye

Saturday, August 30, 2008

You call this change?

Will the real Democratic response please speak up? First Obama and
Hillary say the anticipated snide remarks - which played even nastier
coming on the heels of Palin's gracious mention of them and Ferraro in
her speech. (I tell you, when I heard Palin's respectful mention of
Hillary and Ferraro, I teared-up. I did.) Then comes a revised
response that was supposed to play as friendly and nice and classy.

Well, it didn't.

Obama says the first outburst was from some of his aides who have a
"hair trigger." Hair brain is more like it.

And while we're at it, can somebody explain to me how the Obama camp
can keep talking about sweeping change - much-needed change -
unspecific change and then pick BIDEN as the VP candidate? Shoot,
girlfriends, Biden was working in Washington, D.C. when they broke
ground for the White House. Biden is an entrenched, experienced
Washington bureaucrat. How does Biden represent change? Shoot, does
anybody remember how Biden was caught plagiarising? Biden was so
caught-up in politics-as-usual that he used somebody else's words,
claiming them as his own. I suppose he just figured that it worked for
them, so it would work for him. Plagiarism is stealing intellectual
property that already exists. It is most definitely not change. Change
= something NEW, at least in my dictionary.

Which is it, Obama: status quo or change?

Here we are 24 hours later, and I'm still so excited I can hardly
stand it. My Junior Julep and I are ready to get to work for Palin,
and yes, definitely: let's invite the girl down for some juleps. If
she can handle a gun, 5 children, and Alaska's winters, she can handle
a mint julep.

Till next time . . .

Miz Vul

Friday, August 29, 2008

Wonder how Sarah Palin feels about Mint Juleps?

My goodness, that woman has done everything hasn't she? Eats mooseburgers, shoots guns, hunts, has five kiddos, has governed a state and been mayor of a city. She was a beauty contestant, winning something or other, and has that kick-butt spirit wrapped in syrup that so reminds me of a Southern gal.

Now she's the first woman on a Republican Presidential ticket... Way to go gal!

I am just so EXCITED to have this accomplished woman running for office. A hockey-mom much less, which is a bit stronger I'd think than our local soccer-mom types? Although I wouldn't want to tangle with either of them if their cubs were being maligned.

Have you heard ol' Obama's folks scramblin' to come up with some way to mitigate the exuberance men and women across the country are feeling right now? It just sounds so petty. I mean, I may not be a Hillary supporter, but the way these so-called-love-everyone-support the down-trodden, the women, the poor, Democrats treated that woman is shameful. And the way they went after Geraldine for saying something innocent.

They better watch out with their little nit-pickin' digs at Palin. They ain't never tangled with the riled-up bunch of women they'll be tanglin' with if they keep that kind of garbage going. They look like a bunch of sniveling bullies who've just been bested by a girl. Whine, whine, whine.

I bet they were all scrambling and still are trying to come up with a way to look Democratic and all-inclusive as they attack a woman. Ya gotta love the moment.

On that note, have you noticed how many women there are on tickets and in office across the country? Compare the number of women and minorities in positions of power in the Bush White House to those who were in the Clinton White House. Ha.

Talk about moxy! Have you heard that sharp gal who handles the press for President Bush? I was listening just a minute ago to her talking to the press and she was telling them what the President was going to talk about at the Convention on Monday night. The last thing she said was that Bush wouldn't be attacking Obama and some reporter shouted out, "Why not?". Her quick answer? "Because he has class."

Love it. Thrilled to have Sarah Palin on the ticket and these boys on the Democratic side better watch out. She has more experience than Obama so they better stop attacking her on that one!

Wonder if she'd be willin' to join us on the front porch and sip a few juleps sometime? Guess she's going to be mighty busy for a good while.

What a Way to Celebrate Women's Suffrage

Hey Girls,

I've said it before, and I'll say it again: those Republicans sure do
know how to celebrate and commemorate. I just heard McCain announce
his running mate, and I heard Sarah Palin's acceptance speech. You
know, Michelle Obama said a while back that for the first time in her
life she's proud of her country, and I tell you what: for the first
time in a long time, I am hopeful about our country.

So hopeful that I feel a burst of energy (at least I guess that's what
it is - been so long), and I'm going to clean my house.

After a bit of mint julep fortification, of course.

More on this later (the Republican VP candidate, not cleaning my house).

Miz Vul

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Little Bits

Hey girls,

Miss Etta, count me in: wipe off my chair and get my mason jar ready.
I'll be there soon cause I tell you what - watching this Democratic
whoopteedoo is enough to drive me to drink. Okay if we start September
early this year?

I bet the O'Bamas are already stockpiling bottled water - probably
buying it off the shelves in New Orleans first - so they can upstage
the Republican whoopteedoo when Gus (I can't remember his full name)
hits New Orleans. And you know good and well that the entire press
corps would pull out and leave the Republicans to cover the O'Bama
gang in the role of Good Samaritans. In a heartbeat they would.

I could go on forever, but I just don't have enough energy to pursue
that one this morning.

Wonder if all this rain got here in time to affect the leaf color. You
know, I seem to remember leaves turning in September, but now it seems
like that color doesn't pop out till November. And one thing I've
always wondered about: when the leaves fall, what makes some of them
hold on and stick it out through the winter? It's not something I've
lost sleep over, mind you, but I do wonder about it every now 'n then.

I'm enjoying this overcast day. It's like one of the Steel Magnolias
said: When God doesn't try so hard, I don't feel like I have to either.

Something like that.

I saw some Mint Julep something-or-other in the beauty section of the
drugstore the other day. Foot cream. Or maybe it was face cream. I
don't know, but when I get a minute, I think I'll run on back over and
pick up some to take with me to Miss Etta's upcoming Bourbon

Till next time.

Miz Vul

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Get Ready to Party on My Porch

Whooppppppeeeeeee. Finally, someone in an official capacity is honoring my spirit.

The governor of Kentucky has declared September as "Bourbon Heritage Month." He's even recognizing Bourban as Americas Native Spirit thus honoring the family heritage and deep-rooted legacy of the Bourbon industry in Kentucky. Well, good for him.

That got me to thinking. Why doesn't the federal government also celebrate this spirit of American culture? Well, to my surprise, just last year the U.S. Senate declared September as "National Bourbon Heritage Month."

So come on over gals, this calls for a toast with my special julep juice!

Miss Etta

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Gotta Make It While the Sun is Shining


Glad to finally hear from ya'll. I'm much too busy right now to set a spell. The sun is shining, and with all the recent rain--- guess what I'm doing?

Of course-- making julep juice. Gotta make it while the mint is fresh off the vine. Why, the mint has been overtaking everything so much that the mister told me to make something out of it or he was gonna cut it down!!

Well, after I finished having my stroke and an attack of the vapors, I glared mightily at the ole coot. I got busy making my juice, but it's been hard with all the stomping of feet and huffing. Why, the very nerve of even a hint of throwing out my mint!

Here's the recipe I'm using right now for the juice:

1 c. sugar
1 c. water
Bring to a boil. Add 12 fresh mint sprigs. Cool and discard leaves.

Pack a glass with ice. Add 1 tablespoon of the sugar-mint juice and throw in an equal amount of bourban. Add water to fill the glass. Sprinkle with powdered sugar.

Thought that I would try and make up a BIG batch of the starter juice and freeze it in ice cube containers. That way, all I have to do is grab an ice cube, add the special B and water.

Whatcha think about that? You with me?

Miss Etta

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

My turn to be alone?

I know I most likely expect way to much given how sporatic I have been about setting on the porch over the summer time, but it would be so nice to have company now that I'm back.

I have had such a delightful time this summer! I won't bore you with all the many things I've done though as they kept my little pea-brain occupied but would most likely force my Julep sisters to hide their yawns behind a large glass of cold ice tea (or something with a bit more bite perhaps?).

I am home to stay for a while and hope we can all resume our chats. I will have to say that I am not too very happy with some of the changes that have occured in our fair county while I have been gone! Lest you chasten me unneccesarily, I will tell you that I did my duty and voted absentee in both elections. I was not overjoyed with the outcome of the elections, however I have been in this world long enough to know that life goes in cycles, not all of them to my liking.

Well, come sit, come share and lets talk about this great big beautiful world together!

Mint Julep Journal