Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Little Bits

Hey girls,

Miss Etta, count me in: wipe off my chair and get my mason jar ready.
I'll be there soon cause I tell you what - watching this Democratic
whoopteedoo is enough to drive me to drink. Okay if we start September
early this year?

I bet the O'Bamas are already stockpiling bottled water - probably
buying it off the shelves in New Orleans first - so they can upstage
the Republican whoopteedoo when Gus (I can't remember his full name)
hits New Orleans. And you know good and well that the entire press
corps would pull out and leave the Republicans to cover the O'Bama
gang in the role of Good Samaritans. In a heartbeat they would.

I could go on forever, but I just don't have enough energy to pursue
that one this morning.

Wonder if all this rain got here in time to affect the leaf color. You
know, I seem to remember leaves turning in September, but now it seems
like that color doesn't pop out till November. And one thing I've
always wondered about: when the leaves fall, what makes some of them
hold on and stick it out through the winter? It's not something I've
lost sleep over, mind you, but I do wonder about it every now 'n then.

I'm enjoying this overcast day. It's like one of the Steel Magnolias
said: When God doesn't try so hard, I don't feel like I have to either.

Something like that.

I saw some Mint Julep something-or-other in the beauty section of the
drugstore the other day. Foot cream. Or maybe it was face cream. I
don't know, but when I get a minute, I think I'll run on back over and
pick up some to take with me to Miss Etta's upcoming Bourbon

Till next time.

Miz Vul

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