Thursday, October 9, 2008

Casting My Vote

Well, girlfriends, I went to vote yesterday. First time I've done
anything early in a long, long time. They were kinda' busy there, and
when I commented to one of the gals who works there about the brisk
business they were doing, she said it wasn't nearly as busy as usual.
It was raining yesterday, and I guess hubbie and I are 2 people who
know with absolute certainty that we aren't going to melt. Plus it
actually makes my hair look better when I'm out in the rain.

Let me tell you: they had the cutest pens there - you know, writing
pens - ready for us to fill out the form. Somebody (perhaps in the
days before they got so busy) had taped colorful fall leaves to the
pens. Not only will the pens likely stay there, saving us taxpayers
some money, but they were just adorable. So much more fun to write
with than plain ole' unadorned stick pens. You should've seen it: all
those leaves blowing in the wind as people wrote.

Anyway, we went from that room to the room with the voting booths, and
once again, we were greeted in a friendly, smiling manner and we
didn't have to wait in line. Walked right up to a booth, popped that
yellow card in, and voted. Quick and easy. Felt good to have it done.

The only thing that frustrated me about the whole process is that at
the end of the ballot where there are all those long, indecipherable
questions, there were only options for "yes" and "no". Me, I wanted to
be able to vote "HELL NO".

Have y'all voted yet?

Miz Vul

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